Who Are We?

Stronger Together

We are a group of concerned citizens from the Tallahassee-Leon County area who believe in doing what we can to advocate for justice in our community. We’re your friends and your neighbors. We go to concerts together. We worship together. Our kids play together. Chances are you already know some of us. And if you’re reading this, we hope you’ll become one of us.


Advocating for Justice

Justice850 was started in 2017. It started with an email to a few friends asking if they had any interest in advocating for justice in our community as people of faith. There are plenty of advocacy groups these days and even a fair number of advocacy groups for people of faith, but the focus almost always seems to be national politics. National advocacy is important, but just as all politics is local, so to is justice. What happens in our community affects us and our neighbors in ways we often don’t realize. And it’s precisely because local issues can seem to get lost in the noise that we want to amplify our voices right here in our community.

Our Team

Meet some of our organizers

Virginia Dailey


Sheldon Steen


Kate Kile


Shannon Guse


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