Email the Leon County Commission to tell them you support the Children’s Services Council

We have drafted a letter to the County Commissioners to make our support of the Children’s Services Council known. The letter reads:

Dear Leon County Commissioners,


As a person of faith and a citizen of Leon County I am writing to express my support for the Children’s Services Council proposal before the Commission. Children are among the most vulnerable in our society, especially children in poverty. I believe you can tell a lot about a community by how it cares for those whom Jesus called “the least of these,” and right now we are not doing all we can to lift children in our community out of poverty. It’s time to give Leon County voters an opportunity to invest in children.


My faith compels me to love my neighbor as myself. In that spirit of love, I am asking you to support the placement of the Children’s Services Council on the ballot, aimed at helping our neighbors. I ask that you give Leon County voters the opportunity to decide whether they want to try this tool for our own children and families.

Feel free to send it as-is or edit it to add your own personal touch (click the little eyeball at the top of the box to edit the text of the letter). Then just fill in your information and click “Sign Now,” and it will automatically send an email to all seven County Commissioners.



I Support the Children's Services Council

Dear Leon County Commissioners,

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