Faith Leaders Support the Children’s Services Council

It’s important for faith leaders to take the lead on critical issues in our community. We invite you to read the letter below and consider adding your name to the list of faith leaders in support of the Children’s Service Council proposal.

Dear Commissioners:


Justice850 is a grassroots organization of individuals dedicated to advocating for justice in our community as people of faith. We are asking you to support the Children’s Services Counciland place the issue on the 2018 ballot for the voters of Leon County to consider.


We believe that the research gathered in May 2018, together with your comments during your May 2018 Commission meeting, demonstrate that our children and families in Leon County are in need. There are inequalities of income, education, achievement and performance in our community that are unacceptable. There are children who are hungry and whose other needs are not being met, there are children and teenagers who turn to crime and violence, and there are children in desperate need of mental health treatment and other interventions.  Our faiths call us to respond to the needs of our neighbors:


When our children are hungry, we should give them food
When our children are thirsty, we should give them drinks
When our children are homeless, we should give them a bed
When our children are shivering, we should give them clothes
When our children are in prison, we should visit them.


These children are all our children– and we can do better by and for them. These children are also our future. How we care for the children of today will have a huge impact on what the Tallahassee of tomorrow will look like.


Given the needs of our local children and families, the real question is how to respond to these needs.  We ask you to give Leon County voters the opportunity to decidewhether a Children’s Services Council is the right response to these needs.


As people of faith we strive to be good stewards of the resources we have and the evidence from other Florida counties indicates that Children’s Services Councils are efficient and highly effective means of marshaling community resources to target the needs of our community’s children and families. As an example, in Miami-Dade County, the teen birth rate has decreased by nearly 75% since the county developed the Children’s Services Council and targeted this issue. Further, since the inception of the CSC in Broward County, they have seen a 75% decrease in youth arrests, a 60% decrease in the teen birth rate, and a 22% decrease in the infant mortality rate. Here in Leon County we continue to struggle with teen crime and have a minority infant mortality rate that is three times the white infant mortality rate. We believe that a CSC is a responsible and proven avenue for addressing these needs.


OUR FAITH CALLS US TO HELP OUR CHILDREN. As people of faith, we are called to love our neighbor. But we also know that love requires action. In that spirit of love, we are asking you to allow the citizens of Leon County to take action by supporting the placement of the Children’s Services Council on the ballot.


Best regards,




Faith Leaders Support the Children's Services Council

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